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I want to meet someone who makes me feel the way music does

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LIBRA - The Lame One (September 23 to October 22) Nice to everyone they meet. Their love is one of a kind. Silly, funny and sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most caring person you will ever meet! However, not the kind of person you want to mess with… you might end up crying. Libras can cause as much havoc as they can prevent. Faithful friends to the end. Can hold a grudge for years. Libras are someone you want on your side. Usually great at sports and are extreme sports fanatics. Very creative. A hopeless romantic. 

"A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart."

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following back heaps♡

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Forever reblogging this.

And the fact that there’s more than one company means several people called makes it even better.

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